A Metroidvania set in a mythological feudal Japan.

Created for Metroidvania Month 14.


MOVEMENTarrows, WASD, gamepad
JUMP (A)X, >
ATTACK (B)Z, C, <,


This game is unfinished. The last maps and final boss are missing. These will be added after the game jam. Graphics, sound, maps and overall experience will also be improved.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Phaser
TagsMetroidvania, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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I just played the update, it adds a lot of nice features and bug fixes, but my three biggest complaints are still there. Could you please make the screen transitions nicer? It would be nice if the screen transitioned black when you go out of the map, and then back in when it's done. Often times the screen transitions when your not even at the edge. Other than that, I think things should instantly spawn or fade in, and a map would be nice.


I have made an update to the screen transitions. You now have be partly off the screen to trigger them. And they now fully transition to black and transition in the direction that the player is moving.

I hope that improves the experience. Thanks again for playing.

Hey this game is amazing! I loved it! 

I think you could publish it a little bit more, send me a message on Twitter, I think I can help you with that

Thanks. Publish or polish? It certainly needs polish, was a bit of a rushed 30 day build for a game jam. But now that is over I can spend a bit more time on it.

Well, both 😜, but I can help you with publishing for now, getting your game seen and played for much more ppl

brooooo i LOVED this game. 

I refreshed the browser page like 12 times bc i thought the game bugged, i did not wanted it to endo so soon lol.

Some things i think you should consider adding are:

-add infos of what each weapon update

-add a better options menu, where you can change the volume of music and the sfx it self. I personaly play those indie games while watching movies or series and the game music annoys me when it blends with the movie music and the voices.

-add some more items and power ups to the game

-i dont know if it was a feature that you planned, but when you exit a room, your hp gets full. it makes the game very easy and it makes the heath item uselles and annoying when you are farming coins and it drops hearts.

-Make weapon upgrades more impressing, maybe adding combos or different attacks, like a down + attack 

-add a bow and maybe a shield to the game

Other than that i think the idea of the game is amazing and you did it very well. I hope to see some more updates on that and if you are making this game alone and want someona to test the game and provide you feedback, feel free to contact me!

Thanks dude! Unfortunately the game is incomplete so it ends rather abruptly. There is another area and end boss that didn't quite make it into the game but they will be added later this year. And yeah, there's that health bug you mentioned :/.

Nice suggestions. The bow and shield would add too many mechanics for me to deal with :), but the other ideas I will incorporate.

Thanks again. Might take you up on that offer to test future versions of the game!

Nice short metroidvania!

It's nice to see upgrades in form attacks instead of movements.


An excellent metroidvania, with a superb color choices, which adds more japanese drama and style to game. Congrats for your work.

Thank you so much.

um will we be able to keep our game data after the update? 

Yes. The game data is stored in your browser's local storage. As long as you don't clear it, it will be used by future versions and you can pick up where you left off.

It's fun, not sure where to go.  Is there a map feature I'm missing?

Not yet. But I will be adding a map.

Great game, but the controls make it difficult to play. Is there any way to change them? If not, maybe that'd be a great feature addition. Great game anyways!

Thanks. How would you want the controls changed? I have provided gamepad, left and right handed keys. Can provide more options.

Input settings would be great. That's a difficult task to script, but you've got it!

Really fun game. Would have loved to had a version of this for my Game Boy back in the day. Great work! 


Thanks so much! The game is incomplete but glad you like what is there so far. Expect improvements in 2022.

um is it possible to add a game map? i keep losing track of where i am and keep getting lost

Yeah. A few people have mentioned this. I will be adding a map (and a boat system). Add to collect or follow to be kept up to date. Thanks for playing.

Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The concept of the game is quite good and fun.

-I like the metroidvania gameplay mechanics you have implemented as they feel quite good, but I'll say that having a map to help the player to move easier around the map from the begining would be great as it is easy to get "lost" at some point.

-The visual style of the game fits the theme and feels really nice.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Hi. Thanks for playing and thanks for taking the time to make a playthrough video. Your feedback is very valuable.

  • Glad you like the concept. I have many more ideas I want to implement to expand on the Japanese mythology and Kurosawa inspirations.
  • I will be adding a map. And a boat system so you can travel between areas quickly. Expect these to be added some time in 2022.
  • Glad you like the style. I have some work to do to tighten up the graphics, animation etc. but the low-fi look will remain.

Thanks again. Subscribed and followed!


You are welcome ^^, awesome to see you plan on expanding the game :D good luck with the development :)

idk if this is intentional but every time i enter a new screen all my hearts are set to full, makes taking damage not as punishing as it should be imo


This wasn't intentional. It's a bug that made it's way into the jam release :(. Will fix it. Thanks for playing and thanks for mentioning.

Nice job! The animation, sounds and gameplay are all pretty solid. My biggest complaint would be the glitches and technical issues, probably the most annoying one is the early transition glitch, when you go to a new screen, it sometimes switches before you get all the way to the side.


Thank you for playing and posting feedback. Will be fixing bugs and tightening gameplay before a re-release in 2022. Will do something about that transition issue you raised!

Cool! I'll be sure to check the next version out.

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I have found some animation/atack bugs, I can exploit them to perform multiple dashes at once to get high speed and damage. But it was so fun that once you fix all of these bugs and the other design issues, I´d like you to keep this old version as an optional file so it can be speedrunned. Thanks.

Yeah there are a few issues with the character states. Was a bit of a rush getting the game out for a jam. I will be re-releasing the game in 2022 with these bugs fixed, additional maps, end boss, improved sound and graphics/animation polished. Thanks for playing. Will see what I can do to preserve this jam version for your speedruns.

You could try locking an area if some 'n' number of guards have not been killed, cause I can just waltz through a sub-area without coming in contact with anybody (possible speedrun strat?)

I know what you mean. The enemy AI and maps need improving to make the encounters more interesting and challenging. Will work on it. Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback.